Early Summer 2024 Newsletter

Since the end of the school year the Lord has continued to bless the labor and our students at University of South Carolina (USC) and Presbyterian College (PC). Major highlights include graduations from USC and PC, additional baptisms and summer connections.


This year we had eight student graduations between the two campuses we have been laboring on, USC in Columbia and PC in Clinton, SC, a little over an hour away. Of these, we thank the Lord that one student will be attending the FTTA in the fall (the second to do so), and will join the first, who has just completed his first term. Four will be entering Masters and PhD programs, two of which will be continuing with us in Columbia at USC. We have been endeavoring to connect those graduates who have either returned home or will go elsewhere for graduate programs with the saints in their respective areas. 

We had a graduation barbeque for the PC graduates, all of whom had parents in attendance who are either unbelieving or not in the church life or very new in the church life. We thank and praise the Lord for His answers to our prayers that Christ would be manifested in the saints’ love and care for their children and that they would be favorable to the church life. 

Three of our graduates from PC


In an answer to one of our previous prayer burdens, since the semester ended we have baptized an additional three of our students, bringing our total to 16 for this academic year. Each of them received encouragement to come forward to be baptized from fellow students, two of them from others’ baptisms. 

Two of our sisters were baptized on the same night

Staying Connected During the Summer

It can be challenging in the summertime to stay connected because of work, internships, and family commitments. When it gets busy, it is essential for the students to remain joined to the members of His Body. With this in view, we prepared three events for the students:

CCS Summer Connect

We are utilizing “Spiritual Nourishment,” a 90-day morning devotional published by BfA, as a base for sharing our enjoyment with one another on GroupMe and in a weekly Zoom meeting through the summer. Approximately 30 students received the book and were added to the GroupMe. It was in one of the Zoom meetings that a sister said she wanted to be baptized that night. We baptized her 45 minutes after that request. One of the other students who came to witness the baptism, unexpectedly came prepared to be baptized as well. The following week, when we relayed the story to a third student, he also requested to be baptized. These account for the three baptisms mentioned above. One other student plans to be baptized this summer.

Small Group Trip

Spurred by an award ceremony for one of our students in Charleston and the intention to visit some of the students in that area, one small group felt led of the Lord to arrange a two-day getaway to Edisto Island near Charleston. This included older saints, younger saints with nine children, and seven students. Saints caring for students and each other, students caring for children — such a sweet blending! We felt it was very profitable for keeping the students connected and encouraged to continue to pursue the Lord.

At Botany Bay, Edisto Island


One month into the summer break, we hosted a summer barbeque for our local students. Five students joined us for an evening of singing, fellowship, and delicious food. It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and to “pursue with those.”

Students at Summer Barbeque

Prayer Burdens

  • Pray that our graduating seniors will connect with the saints in their respective cities and continue in the church life.
  • Pray for the students who have signed up for the college training — that their enjoyment of Christ would increase, they would be further sanctified, and that they would be prepared as vessels unto honor.
  • Pray for the students who have been invited to our fall internship, that they would be led by the Lord to commit.