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Summer Bible Camp 2024

Turn lazy summer Saturdays into a chance for the Lord to infuse a knowledge of God's word into His children. The Church in Columbia Summer Bible Camp is designed to instill faith across generations, just as happened in Timothy's time with his mother and grandmother (2 Timothy 1:5).

Join us for an informal but eternally impacting time of singing, learning verses, Bible lessons, crafts and games, and fun in the sun!

All believers are welcome, and while you are welcome to drop off children who are rising 1st graders and above, you are also welcome to stay the whole time. Each event runs 9am-2pm, and while snack is provided, please bring your own lunch.

Register below and redeem your children's Saturdays this summer!


Bible camp will be held Saturdays 9am-2pm on June 8, 15, 22, and July 20 and 27.

The events are held in various parks and venues around Columbia, SC. The events are still being planned, but stay tuned for venue selection! In the past we have rented park spaces, gymnasiums, and had some events at homes with water attractions. 

Generally K-6th grade.

Parents with toddlers are welcome to come, but children must be rising 1st graders (having already passed kindergarten) in order to be dropped off. 

Children older than 6th grade are not encouraged to come with their younger siblings, unless they would like to help serve the children and have been approved by the Bible camp. 

Bible Camp is planned and carried out prayerfully by the believers in the Church in Columbia. Everyone serving with the children must pass a background check, and safety is our top priority. Each event is the labor of a small group of families with their own children, who will be there at the event. In that sense we are not "staff" but parents and families, volunteering our time because we care for our children. 

We try to keep costs down by planning events at parks with water play, and offering simple snacks but having participants bring their own lunch. That said, we ask a $5 per child per event donation to offset costs like printing booklets, reserving venues, etc. 

In addition, the T-shirt cost is $15 per shirt, and is recommended for all Bible camp events. 

This summer we have five lessons on the theme of "the Bible": What it is, how it was transmitted, amazing stories about the Bible, why it is important, and how to read it daily. Each lesson utilizes Biblical stories and Christian history to cause the children to appreciate, in childlike simplicity, the wonderful gift of God's word to man. 

Saturday, June 1st

2024 Bible Camp Registration

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